An image of a large gallery space with wooden floors and wooden poles throughout. We can see a large, multi coloured fabric artwork hanging from the ceiling by Matt Arbuckle. A work by Kate Tucker on a white plinth in the distance and a large painting by Grant Nimmo on the far wall of a rainforest.
Photo: Jesse Hunniford

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for the remaining dates in the 2023 Venues Calendar (January 2023 – February 2024) for the following Venues:

Peacock Theatre
Salamanca Arts Centre’s unique and intimate theatre is an end-stage performance space that has been created at the foot of a historic quarry.

Long Gallery
Salamanca Arts Centre’s largest exhibition space is ideal for large touring or Group Exhibitions – or solo exhibitions by professional artists. Private functions can also take place is this venue. 

Salamanca Arts Centre’s newest space, located on the Ground Floor with entry via Salamanca Place. Perfect for solo artists and small group exhibitions. 

Sidespace Gallery
A professional exhibition space that is accessible and affordable for solo artists and small group exhibitions. 

Top Gallery
An exhibition space dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging artists, that is both accessible and affordable. Available for month-long Hire Periods.

Whilst it may be the smallest Venue at Salamanca Arts Centre , the Lightbox has the most visibility due to the location on Salamanca Place. Viewable 24/7, the Lightbox is suitable for small-scale installation, sculpture, jewellery and textile and is free for month-long Hire Periods. 

For more information on each Venue, to confirm the dates remaining in 2023 and to apply online, please visit the applicable venue link above.

Deadline for Submissions
Friday 30 September 2022

Photo of a white Georgian Cottage, with a white picket fence at the front.
Photo: Kim Jaeger

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for inclusion in the 2023 Arts Residency Program for the Artists’ Cottage. This Call for Applications is for the remaining dates only; some months in 2023 are already booked as a result of Residencies postponed from 2022 (remaining dates span from December 2022 – February 2024)

Applications are encouraged from artists of all disciplines (including writers, performers, musicians, visual artists) for either solo or collaborative / multi-artist Arts Residencies.

Deadline for Submissions
Friday 30 September 2022