Friends, it’s been 3 years since Slag Queens released new music. They’ve been sitting on a new album called ‘Favours’ for a while now and it’s time you started to hear it.

Slag Queens are dropping a new track called ‘Dogs’ with a film clip shot by Jo Shrimpton (Flare Productions). To celebrate (and to wish Amber all the best on her 3 month stint in Naarm/Melbourne) Slag Queens will be playing at The Founders Room, Salamanca Arts Centre with good friends 𝔈ℭ𝔅 and Free Live Sports.

Slag Queens
Originally inspired by DIY no wave music and the feminist politics of Riot Grrl, Slag Queens learnt how to be a band by doing it. They like to write songs collaboratively and are wild for noisey, grainy sounds and sad-beautiful guitars. Their songs express the frustration of life under late capitalism and are a consciousness raising effort to get you mentally strong for the revolution (however that comes). 

𝔈ℭ𝔅. is a hyperpop and dance music collective centralised under the aegis of a single YouTube account. By absorbing the plasticity of venues, fans, codecs and sound systems 𝔈ℭ𝔅 envisions new material for the club. As a collective, 𝔈ℭ𝔅, has been awarded performance opportunities in Norway, Portugal, Germany and the US and is highly regarded in underground communities across the globe. Server based in Nipaluna

Free Live Sports
Tasmanian-via-mainland three-piece Free Lives Sports started out as an excuse to mess around and try new things.
The result is a band constantly playing on the edge of its ability; pushing to make music that is catchier, hookier, darker, more difficult. Free Live Sports never let sounding a bit shit get in the way of a good tune, comparisons to bands like Dead Moon, Captain Beefheart and Guided by Voices are warranted, though their love of a pub-rock karaoke classic keeps it from getting all too experimental.

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The Randall Muir Trio offers you some home cookin’, a celebration of the music associated with all that is soulful, from home-cooked chitlins to hard bop, blues and jazz.

The instrumentation of these jazz sub-genres often included Hammond organ, which was considered a less sophisticated jazz instrument, but one deeply connected with gospel and the blues. Guitar and drums are the perfect compliment to the Hammond, and Tenor Saxophone completes the sound.
Great groups with this instrumentation include Jack McDuff’s quartets and Jimmy Smith’s collaborations with Kenny Burrell and Stanley Turrentine.

Playing the repertoire of these groups and others will be Alistair Dobson on Tenor Saxophone, Aaron Entresz on Guitar, Tom Robb on drumkit and Randall Muir on Hammond organ.

Tickets $25 each or four tickets for $80

Jazzamanca is presented by Salamanca Arts Centre, and supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Arts via the Live Music Fund.

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    Salamanca Art Centre’s 2022 programs are supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Arts via the RISE Fund.

This event is part of Winter Light 2022 and is presented by Salamanca Arts Centre

Witness the power of fusion with two of Hobart’s up and coming rappers blending language, culture and classic hip hop beats to tell stories in a new way.

RC40 is Tasmania’s first Hindi rapper. Drawing on his personal stories and challenges in life, RC40 collaborates with local artists producers in Hobart and in June 2022 his song “I.M BORN” became the first Hindi rap song releaser by Tasmanian Hip Hop Collective. 

Adonay Tsegezeab (marra dona)
Blending his mother tongue, Tigrinya, and English, Adonay makes powerful music that maps his journey to lutruwita (Tasmania) from Eritrea, through Ethiopia and lifts people up with strong messages.

Curated by Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie

Friday 19 August 2022
6pm – 7pm

Photo: supplied by the artist

Raj Chopra (RC40)

RC40 – Hindi Rapper based in Hobart is involved in music since 2020. The name RC40 is initials derived from his full name Raj Chopra. His rap is inspired by his own stories and challenges in life. Raj writes his own songs and composes them after finding local producers. Few months back Raj collaborated with another local rapper Zeke to release the first Hindi-English collab song in the history of Tasmania – “Guilty”.

Photo: supplied by the artist

Adonay Tsegezeab (marra dona) 
Blending his mother tongue, Tigrinya, and English, Adonay makes powerful music that maps his journey to lutruwita (Tasmania) from Eritrea, through Ethiopia and lifts people up with strong messages.

Nick Haywood, returned to Melbourne a couple of years ago, after many years with the Hobart Con Jazz Studies Course and is still one of the most in demand bassists and educators on the Australian music scene. He is a top Jazz musician, a classic joke teller, and a wonderful Paella cook.

Dan Sulzberger began playing Jazz saxophone and piano at 11 years of age. He studied at both Queensland and UTAS Conservatorium’s completing his Bachelor of Music in 2006. His infectious sunny presence has touched and inspired many people awarding him The Jack Duffy Memorial Trophy for dedication and contribution to the Tasmanian Jazz scene in 2010.

Konrad Park needs little introduction to the Jazzamanca audience. A powerhouse drummer, who after thousands of hours listening to the Jazz greats, has developed into something more than just a drummer. He’s a musician – and a damn good one!

This could be the start of Somethin’ Else

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After the splendour of the opening party in Salamanca Square, follow the lanterns as they meander down to Salamanca Arts Centre, witness the unveiling of the Obon lanterns in The Courtyard and watch (or join in!) the Obon dancers as they celebrate this beautiful ancient tradition.
After watching the dancers, head up to the Founders Room and dance the rest of the night away with DJs L$F and Ari Eva.

Thursday 11 August 2022
9.00pm – 11pm
Free event, but you need to RSVP below

Whilst the wearing of masks is not mandatory it is recommended in certain situations by Tasmanian Public Health.  Masks will be available upon entering the venue for those patrons who would like one.  

If you’re unwell, it is recommended that you stay at home, and we look forward to welcoming you at Salamanca Arts Centre another time.

Photo: Ash Carey


L$F is an experimental hip-hop, baile funk and electronic DJ based in nipaluna Hobart. L$F mixes whatever she wants and spins everything from K-pop bangers to Gabber, celebrating the curious, infectious and joyful nature of dance club culture. Rest assured that L$F understands the assignment to have fun, so expect a performance that you and Jimin can get down and dirty to!

Photo: Ash Carey

Ari Eva

Ari Eva’s intuitive style and wide-ranging taste will pull you in, to get your body moving and your soul on the dance floor. Her contagious high-energy DJ sets feature an eclectic mix of songs from different eras. 

In under 12 months in the Tasmanian DJ scene, Ari Eva has already played shows at most of the bars and clubs in Hobart’s nightlife district as well as for numerous events such as Dark Mofo, The Taste Of Tasmania, Mona and Great Escape Music Festival.

A night of surreal and psychedelic art, music and interactive exhibits. Gochi improvises and launches his latest EP and showcases some of the unusual and trippy art that has leaked from his fried noggin.

Providing further entertainment for the night is Phat Loops and Bailey Jaxxon. Two very different, yet highly talented acts, that might have you hearing colours by the end of the night.

Photo: tiny blue

Mr Gochi is a Live Looping act incorporating funk, samples and electronic bleeps and bloops to create psychedelic soundscapes and grooves. His art is likewise mind bending and his most common mediums involve tech and gadget-ry.

Photo: Will Joseph

Bailey Jaxxon
‘Ello, I make jams for your scones, songs to stick in your head like the jingle for a cereal commercial.

Photo: Matthew Bicket

Phat Loops
Phat Loops is a slick mix of Drum & Bass, orchestral leanings, pop-culture ambiance, heavy metal guitar, and cinematic ornament. Hard to describe, easy to love – Phat loops is dance music for the modern era. Everything is performed live.

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Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne Jazz Ensemble is thrilled to be able to travel to Hobart and perform at the Founders Room at Salamanca Arts Centre on Thursday 28 July 2022.

The band will present an exciting performance from a diverse repertoire of vocal and instrumental jazz that spans classic jazz standards to contemporary original compositions. The repertoire encompasses hard swinging bop and post-bop numbers, bossa-nova and samba grooves, gorgeous ballads, and songs from the great tune-smiths of jazz. The band will chart a course between tight arrangements and creative improvisational exploration.

Get ready for some hot jazz on a cold Hobart night!

The Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne Jazz Ensemble pose for a 2022 promotional photo at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria.

Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne Jazz Ensemble

Features seven of Navy’s finest jazz musicians, including our feature vocalist and three piece horn section (trumpet, saxophone, trombone) plus a rhythm-section of piano, double bass and drums. Individually the musicians have all undertaken music degrees at University (including WAAPA and the Victorian College of The Arts) and studied and performed internationally with world renowned artists. The ensemble performs a diverse repertoire of vocal and instrumental jazz, from classic jazz standards, to swing, bossa-nova and samba, plus some contemporary original compositions. The group has supported and performed with many world renowned musicians including Don Burrows, James Morrison, and Katie Noonan, representing the Royal Australian Navy at community events and official Government functions and regularly performs at Festivals such Moomba and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. The band’s tour of Tasmania includes a performance at The Founders Room at the Salamanca Arts Centre (Thursday 28 July 2022) and performances at this years at Devonport Jazz Festival. 

The band members are:
Maggie James    – Vocals
Gregory Smith    – Saxophone
Martin Duck        – Trumpet
Rob Flynn            – Trombone
Julian Foord        – Piano
Hadyn Murtagh  – Double Bass
Bruce McIntyre  – Drums

Proudly presented by Salamanca Arts Centre.

Come and hear some of Hobart’s finest Gypsy Jazz artists play a ‘session’ like you have never heard before!
Curated and hosted by award winning virtuoso violinist Charlie McCarthy, members of the musical community are encouraged to join in, just like they did back in the day.
Expect to be wowed by the music of the 1930’s Parisian Belle Epoque’ (Beautiful Era). This is the music that Monet, Renoir, Degas, Picasso, and Van Gogh listened to when they were out and about on their adventures.

Everyone is welcome!

Want to play along too?

If you are interested in participating in these sessions, then please register your interest below and Charlie will put your name on the list, and make sure there is a seat available for you.

Hosted by award winning virtuoso violinist Charlie McCarthy and featuring local and travelling musicians of the highest calibre, the Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions differ from a regular musical performance in a few key ways.

This Gypsy Jazz Jam is based on how the genre was originally encountered in the 1930’s Parisian social scene, around a campfire fire/table or in a bar or even backstage during a gig where the musicians were formally booked to play for dances and would jam backstage for fun.

The Musicians will be seated in a circle facing each other, unrehearsed but with common repertoire and familiar calls/instructions/signals for on-the-spot arrangement decisions. All tunes are played from memory, no charts, just a list of common songs and everyone leads the song they nominate. Musicians can take a break whenever they like but the music is pretty much continuous and other musicians and even members of the audience are encouraged to join in and participate also! BYO instrument!

The audience is invited to be close to the music, and can move around the musicians, with the option of changing location at any time, go to the bar and enjoy a drink, chat and interact with friends, get in close to the musician you want to observe the most.

This session will not be amplified so move up close to hear the music as loud as you like.

The main goal being more fun for all.

Why these sessions are so special
The musicians are more relaxed and will be more communicative and adaptable to variation in the moment, they will play uninhibited and take musical risks to the enjoyment of all.

The audience engages with the musicians directly. Chats between tunes, observing the interactions first hand and even getting involved if you bring your instrument.

You hear the true sound of the instrument directly from the instrument, no amplification, no feedback, so that when identical instruments are soloing you can clearly see/hear who is doing what. These instruments have been around for hundreds of years and are already the perfect volume for this kind of music.

The Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions are presented by Salamanca Arts Centre as part of its Live Music Program, which is supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Live Music Fund.

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    Salamanca Art Centre’s 2022 programs are supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Arts via the RISE Fund.

The Singers Lounge is the place for after-hours singalongs, open mic performances and general Festival buzz. 

Our festival lounge is open to patrons, performers and participants.  Since we began, the festival transforms Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery to become the heart and soul of the festival, where friends – old and new – enjoy scheduled and impromptu performances. It’s inclusive, informal and free of judgement – a welcoming space to sing or sit back in our laid-back lounge. 

Hosted by a variety of special guest MC’s, our licensed bar will be serving wines, spirits and beers, with refreshments and snacks. Doors open at 7.30pm with limited tickets on the door, subject to availability. 

This event is part of Winter Light 2022 and is presented by Salamanca Arts Centre

This concert pays homage to the likes of Earl Hines, Fats Waller, Bobby Timmons, Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and more!


Photo: supplied by the artist

The Ted Vining Trio

Ted Vining is renowned as perhaps the most assertive, hardest swinging drummer/bandleader in Australian Jazz. His style is based on idols such as ‘Philly’ Joe Jones, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, and Australia’s Stewart Speer.

In 1970 Ted formed a partnership with pianist Bob Sedergreen and bassist Barry Buckley, which lasted a phenomenal 37 years until Barry’s death in 2006. Current bass player, Gareth Hill, has filled the gap beautifully and contributes enormously to the distinctive sound of the Trio; a sound heavily and delightfully dominated by the pianistic artistry of the great Bob Sedergreen.