Daily Opening Times :
Saturday 3 August – Monday 16 September 2024
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Material Desires by Lorenz Cherry is an enquiry that delves into the intricate relationship between individual consumer choices and the pursuit of joy and happiness.  This exhibition invites viewers of all ages and walks of life to contemplate their own diverse material desires.

The core premise of Material Desires revolves around the idea that consumerism, often criticized for its excesses and negative environmental impact, can also be a source of genuine happiness and personal fulfillment. The exhibition seeks to challenge conventional stereotypes surrounding consumer culture by exploring the emotional and personal dimensions of our favourite purchases.  The core objectives of the exhibition are:

1. To Celebrate Diversity in Consumer Choices : Material Desires aims to showcase the vast spectrum of consumer items that people find joy in, highlighting the rich tapestry of tastes, interests, and backgrounds that make up our society.

2. To Challenge Assumptions : By examining the positive aspects of consumerism, the exhibition challenges stereotypes and encourages a more nuanced understanding of how our favourite things contribute to our well-being.

3. To Promote Self-Reflection : The artworks prompt visitors to reflect on their own cherished purchases and the personal significance of these objects in their lives.

4. To Foster Dialogue : The exhibition provides a platform for visitors to engage in meaningful conversations about consumerism, happiness, and the role of material possessions in our lives.

In summary, Material Desires, invites viewers to contemplate the emotional and personal dimensions of their acquisitions and explore the intersection of materialism, values, and identity

Sacred Heart College Production 2024

Thursday 1 August, 2024 | 7:00pm
Friday 2 August, 2024 | 7:30pm
(Doors open 6:45pm)

Duration 90 minutes |
15 minute interval

Tickets are FREE but booking is essential

Hard-working, romantic playwright Terry has been trying to sell his work for some time. His most recent work called A Season of Longing has finally found the office of a Hollywood Director. Unfortunately, they have some horrific changes in mind.

The Craving is a quirky, satirical, undead comedy in two acts, featuring a disgruntled scriptwriter, a clueless director, a cast of would-be horror movie actors and, of course, zombies.

Terry the playwright has placed his beloved new script into the hands of his trusted agent, who happens to work full time as a mechanic. After much anticipation, Terry’s script, A Season of Longing, finds its way to a Director and Producer in Hollywood. Terry’s dreams are finally coming true. Unfortunately, the Director, Producers and ‘Script Editor’ that Terry is working with have some major changes in mind. The changes involve a cast of rather difficult actors and re-write’s that will change Terry’s beloved script into a zombie-infested slasher flick.  

Opening Dates :
Thursday 22 August – Sunday 1 September 2024
10:00am – 4:00pm daily
CLOSED Monday 26 August 2024

Presented by the Australian Antarctic Festival

Antarctic DataSpheres is an exhibition exploring data, sound and vision captured on the last voyage of the Aurora Australis to Antarctica. 

The artwork will fill the gallery with data driven visuals surrounded by immersive spatialised sound.

Antarctic DataSpheres will be presented at Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart as an invited exhibition at the 2024 Australian Antarctic Festival. As part of their Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, John McCormick and Adam Nash captured the ship, crew and expeditioners, assisting and documenting the many scientific experiments along the journey. Antarctic DataSpheres transforms this data, sound and imagery into a walk-in immersive experience relating Antarctica’s aesthetic grandeur and Australia’s ongoing Antarctic engagement.

John McCormick – Concept, Visuals, Interaction
Adam Nash – Sound Recording, Composition
Casey Richardson – Visual Effects, Interaction

Opening Dates :
Thursday 22 August – Monday 1 September 2024
10:00am – 4:00pm daily

Presented by the Australian Antarctic Festival in association with The Art Society of Tasmania

Antarctica & the Southern Ocean is an art exhibition celebrating the important connection of the icy continent to Hobart.

Since the early days of Antarctic exploration the big red ships have departed from Hobart tackling the mighty seas of the Southern Ocean for their journeys of scientific research. With global warming this research is more important than ever. Many artists and photographers have also recorded and interpreted this last frontier.

Artists throughout Tasmania have been invited to be part of this exhibition which crosses all mediums and genres. 

Daily Opening Times :
Friday 5 July – Sunday 11 August 2024

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed most weekends / Weekend Opening Hours TBC

A residency within a residency. A glimpse into my creative process.

I often get the impression that a lot of the general public views artists as elusive and mysterious. We hide away in studios for hours, weeks, or months and eventually emerge with a creation. Let’s get things out in the open.

For five weeks I will move my practice out of my studio and upstairs into the studio gallery. Recent works will hang on the walls as usual, alongside my current projects. One such project is a large drawing whose subject is as tall as I am. On the days I would have otherwise been downstairs in studio 126, I’ll be in situ, working in the studio gallery. Unfortunately, this will not be every day. But on the days I am not present, my work will still be there for you to see.

I invite people not only to see what I’ve made in recent months but what I’m currently making as well. Come and watch me work, have a conversation with me, or both. You can ask me questions about my process and materials and get a glimpse of how I turn a blank surface into a hyperreal drawing using just graphite, brushes, and erasers. 

My process is a time-consuming one. The large drawing is not a project that will be completed in the course of the exhibition. You will get a glimpse of the beginning of the project in action, and the beginning of a form will emerge.”
Katelyn Geard

Presented by Miss Kitty’s Meow

Saturday 20 July 2024, 6pm
Sunday 21 July, 2024, 6pm
Duration 90 minutes |
20 minute interval


$33 SAC Members

$35 Concession

$45 Adult

VIP $60

Door sales $50 If available

Join Tasmania’s favourite burlesque artists as they strut and shimmy to sultry blues band, Sam and the 78s!

Blues and Burlesque Beats combines the sultry sounds of the blues with the sassy and seductive vibes of burlesque. This unique and captivating event brings together the live music of a blues band with the alluring stylings of our favourite burlesque performers.

Presented by Anne Buckingham

‘Self(ies) in Nature’ considers how the natural landscape is compromised by our desire to capture ourselves on screen. Displayed as images in phone cases, the delicate relationship is explored through abstracted cyanotypes and stitched sketches.

The installation ‘Self(ies) in Nature’ explores our delicate relationship with nature and how that relationship can change focus when viewed through the lens of a phone.

Being in nature benefits us physically and emotionally, and nature in turn benefits from our understanding and respect for it.

This balance can be disturbed when we turn the lens to include ourselves and the perspective changes from nature in the spotlight, to merely being a backdrop to self.

Our need to be centre stage can diminish our ability to be truely present with nature. The artwork questions what is lost when we become the focal point and nature is the accessory.

The abstracted cyanotypes are a collaboration with nature and combine found natural objects and repurposed fabric. Cyanotypes are a form of camera-less photography which rely on the sun for processing and ultimately give nature the final say in the outcome.

The design of the installation highlights our tendency to display our achievements of being in nature. Sketched profiles suggest, however, the fleetingness of humans in comparison to the natural landscape, despite any attempts to dominate it. They are accompanied by thoughts of nature writers, who too, grapple with our complicated relationship with the environment.

The installation follows a residency at Salamanca Arts Centre.

Daily Opening Times :

Wednesday 10 – Monday 15 July 2024
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9:00am – 4:00pm

Opening Event :
Tuesday 9 July 2024 @ 5:00pm

Music and lyrics rendered into landscape paintings.

The paintings in Symbiosis have been fully inspired by eclectic pieces of music and lyrics that were provided by some of Hobart’s prominent musicians. The submissions, which range from electric compositions and improvised piano to vocal harmonies and written poetry and lyrics, are all expressions from the musicians as they considered their ideas and feelings about Tasmania’s natural landscape.

Caitlin Love is captivated by Tasmania’s diverse and rich natural environment, so it is fitting that the musical pieces she used to inspire the works are just as diverse and rich. Each artwork generated imagery, colour pallets and memories for Caitlin, and she was able to explore Southern Tasmania for appropriate locations to paint from. The artworks have taken Caitlin on road trips, a 4am mission to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington for the sunrise, and a 25km hike at Tasmania’s most southerly point.  

Symbiosis is the interaction between two different organisms living together. These artworks would not exist without the music they were inspired by, and indeed they are enriched by the music, lyrics, emotion and imaginings of the musicians they were made by. The art and music give life and meaning to one another.

Saturday 29 June 2024 @ 11:00am

General Admission $26
Children Under 12 months FREE

A joyous, kids’ singalong of nursery rhyme favourites

Looking to add more music to your life, entertain your family, and get a hit of nostalgia? You’ll get all three at Rhymes my Nanna taught me!

Join Tasmania’s own Allison Farrow as she leads a fun family singalong session featuring beloved nursery rhymes. With her background in classical vocal training, acting, and presenting, Allison brings nearly 30 years of experience in various genres, including music theatre, jazz, and children’s entertainment. Allison’s versatility shines through whether performing with an orchestra, on screen, or in a country music setting.

In this event, Allison brings back the magical songs and nursery rhymes she cherished during her own childhood. This event is sure to delight the little loves in your life, and you’ll love it, too! Suitable for children ages 3-6.

Sunday 7 July 2024

10am Session : suitable for Ages 7 – 10
12noon Session : suitable for Ages 10 – 13

General Admission $30

Kids will collaborate to create songs through drawing and stories

Jen Lush

In this engaging and interactive session, children will embark on a journey of creativity, drawing inspiration from everything around them. This session, led by Jen Lush, a dedicated advocate for enriching children’s lives through the arts, combines music, dance, and storytelling to foster imagination and expression. 

Children will collaboratively craft a unique group composition through their drawings, movement, rhythm creation, and song. By the end of the session, they’ll have created a performance piece to share proudly with their families and friends. 

Jen brings her passion for delivering top-notch arts experiences to children, drawing from her extensive work in early childhood education. With a background in songwriting and expertise in creative movement and music, Jen has facilitated workshops at esteemed institutions like Eden Hills Kindergarten, Inkpot Arts Inc., Carclew, and various arts festivals. 

Join us for a journey of creativity and fun to unleash the power of imagination through music and movement! 

“Jen’s collaboration with us responds to the children’s voices and to their wonderment in the everyday. Jen is able to respond to the children’s voices, ideas and thoughts within a musical instant! She intertwines these with music and we all begin to write a song.” – Tracey-Ann Rankin, Early Childhood Educator, Eden Hills Kindergarten, 2015.