7 – 22 June 2024, 10am – 5.30pm

Opening Event: 6 June, 2024 – 6pm

‘Art for Takayna 2024’ at the Long Gallery is a powerful display at the intersection of visual arts and environmental activism, showcasing the natural splendour of Tasmania’s Takayna / Tarkine and the critical conservation efforts it demands.

This year’s exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists whose works—ranging from vivid paintings and intricate sculptures to evocative films and photography—explore and celebrate Takayna’s unique landscapes and rich biodiversity that are under threat from mining and logging.

As you wander through the gallery, you’ll be drawn into a world of powerful art that is a call to action — urging us to protect these irreplaceable natural treasures. The exhibition is designed to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and inspire advocacy. Each piece tells a story, and each brushstroke underscores a plea: to protect wild and ancient Takayna / Tarkine.

Join us at Bob Brown Foundation’s 2024 Art for Takayna exhibition.

May 4, 2024 – 10am – 3pm

Come along and meet your new favourite author. This exciting event features Tasmania’s best selling and award winning writers from a variety of genres.

From Crime and Thrillers to Romance, Fantasy and non-fiction of every variety, the Tasmanian Indie Author Book Fair features many of Tasmania’s best selling and award winning Indie authors. Meet your new favourite author, buy a book and get it signed.

The 2024 Tassie Indie Author Book Fair runs from 10 am until 3 pm on Saturday May 4th. There will be lots of givaways and new books to discover.

Thursday 18 – Monday 29 April 2024
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

Opening Event : Thursday 18 April 2024 @ 5.30pm

Original paintings and limited edition prints of Tasmanian birds by Belinda Kurczok.  

A collection of paintings and limited edition archival prints featuring Tasmanian birds and plants.  

Belinda Kurczok. Flame Robin on gum
Belinda Kurczok. Flame Robin on Gum (2024). Matte acrylic.
Belinda Kurczok. Boobook on moss
Belinda Kurczok. Boobook on moss (2024). Matte acrylic.

11 May – 1 June, 2024

Opening event:

Friday 10th May 2024 | 5.30pm

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm (Closed in Sundays)

Now in its 29th year, ArtRage continues to provide an important platform for students studying art as part of their Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE), while supporting and celebrating the creativity and talent of budding artists state-wide.

ArtRage has developed a statewide reputation for fostering the artistic growth of students and enabling a multitude of perspectives, stories, and experiences to be shared with communities across Tasmania.

Download the ArtRage online catalogue here:

4 March – 14 April, 2024

Eleven short films taking a look inside the homes of celebrated architects, designers and artists, including Xavier Corbero, Pierre Yovanovitch, Knud Holscher, Amanda Levete and more.

Presented by JamFactory

12 January – 11 February, 2024

Contemporary textile design is a vibrant boundary-blurring creative field. By nature, it cross-pollinates. Moving through disciplines-graphic, furniture and product design, fashion and the visual arts-it manifests as surface patterning, material experimentation and transfiguration, storytelling and conceptual ideas.

In the context of our times-and years marked by many competing crises-creative work concerned with connection, authenticity and the trace of the hand has become all the more important. Australian textile-based practices are thriving. Collaborations in the fashion industry are on the increase. The visibility of First Nations creatives is also skyrocketing, partly due to the passionate vision of new enterprises and reinforced by the covetable designs being produced by Top End artists, remote art centres and collectives.

Eclectic and multidisciplinary, the creatives in this exhibition bring resourcefulness, reflection and spirited invention to the fore. New Exuberance celebrates them, and acknowledges the rich diversity of textile-based practices in art, design and fashion in this country today.

Meryl Ryan | Curator

15 Dec, 2023 – 3 Jan, 2024


10 AM – 6 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

Closed on Christmas Day.

Closing at 3pm on last day (Jan 3, 2024)

An evolving annual exhibition of around 40 Tasmanian artists, with links to the UTAS School of Creative Arts in its various incarnations, where artists present engaging mini exhibitions in a wide variety of media and approaches.

“Images of Tasmania” (IOT) is an annual exhibition of selected artists with links to the UTAS School of Creative Art in its various incarnations. It is the brainchild of Jan Peacock and Betsy Gamble, who saw the potential of presenting a collaborative show whereby the artists share the costs and tasks of mounting the exhibition held annually over the Christmas – New Year period.  Hobart is buzzing with visitors at this time.

The first IOT exhibition was held in 1998, as the initiative of artists and art educators who trained together in the late 1950s.  Over the past decades, IOT has evolved into a high-quality exhibition of 40 – 45 artists, each with an individual display space in which to showcase the development of their ideas over a wide range of approaches and techniques. Some artists have been exhibiting in IOT for many years, but the exhibition is annually infused with ‘new blood’ drawn mainly from art school graduates and post graduates.  

This dynamic exhibition showcases a variety of disciplines including painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, textiles and sculpture.  

Presented by Mosaic Support Services

November 18 – 26, 2023


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

MICROGRAVITY is an exhibition for 2D, 3D, multimedia and installation works that orbits organically within a group of artists whose ideas and expression are unburdened by restriction of standard rules & expectations.

Microgravity is the condition in which people & objects appear to be weightless.

Art is a realm where the usual rules don’t have to apply.

What does it look like to have a ‘microgravity’ creative expression ?

Perspective can’t be pinned down.

Ideas, characters, and objects float in space.

Creations appear weightless.

Designs & texts are both random and repetitious.

Colour has free reign.

MICROGRAVITY is an exhibition for 2D, 3D, multimedia and installation works that orbits organically within a group of artists whose ideas and expression are unburdened by restriction of standard rules & expectations.

MICROGRAVITY has been developed during Create sessions at Mosaic Support Services, and represents a curated body of work created through 2022-23.

Presented by TUSA Painting Society

November 30 – December 12 2023


Dec 1, 2023 – 6pm

Live music recital by Ms. Eo Greensticks


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

Thursday and Friday open until 7.00pm

An annual exhibition of contemporary art created by present students and graduates of the University of Tasmania.

An annual exhibition of contemporary art created by present students and graduates of the University of Tasmania is hosted by the TUSA Painting Society. Although drawn mainly from the School of Creative Arts and Media the exhibition is designed to showcase the artistic talents of the entire UTAS community and features works from across the disciplines in a wide range of various mediums.

Presented by OnTrack Tasmania

8 – 14 November 2023


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

13th November 2023 | Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

An exhibition that looks to the future, featuring works that imagine new possibilities for technology, society, and the environment.

OnTrack Tasmania is thrilled to present our latest art exhibition, “Re-imagining the Future.” This captivating event offers a unique journey into the creative minds of our talented participants, who have dared to dream and envision a world that lies ahead of us. As we delve into this immersive theme, we are introduced to a kaleidoscope of artistic interpretations that ignite the imagination and challenge conventional perspectives.

“Re-imagining the Future” is more than just an art exhibition; it’s a vibrant exploration of human ingenuity and the ever-evolving tapestry of our world. In a society marked by its rapid changes and uncertainties, this theme becomes a mirror reflecting both our deepest fears and our wildest aspirations. It’s a reminder that the future is not set in stone; it is a canvas we can co-create, influenced by our actions, innovations, and choices.

One of the intriguing aspects of “Re-imagining the Future” is the opportunity to delve into the relationship between technology and our collective destiny. The artists have delved into the possibilities that lie in the not-so-distant future, where artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology are at the forefront. Some works explore the harmony between humanity and technology, portraying a utopian fusion of human and machine. Others, however, dare to look at the darker side of innovation, presenting scenarios where machines rule and humanity grapples with the consequences of its own creations.

Our vision of the future would be incomplete without contemplating the state of our environment. “Re-imagining the Future” invites us to think about our planet’s destiny and humanity’s role in preserving it. The artists have woven their concerns, hopes, and dreams into pieces that depict a world where we have chosen to coexist with nature, where sustainable practices reign supreme, and where environmental conservation is paramount. It’s a call to action to safeguard the planet for generations yet to come.

Societal shifts and progress are fundamental components of our future. The artworks presented in this exhibition explore how our communities, cultures, and values may evolve. From new approaches to education and healthcare to challenges related to migration and diversity, the artists capture the essence of a society in metamorphosis. “Re-imagining the Future” showcases a spectrum of possibilities, inviting us to ponder on the potential paths we may tread.

Within the labyrinth of “Re-imagining the Future,” we also delve into the complex realm of political structures and ideologies. What if governments embraced new forms of governance? What if ideologies shifted, creating novel paradigms for society? These questions find their answers in the art on display, portraying diverse political visions, from the harmonious to the tumultuous, from utopia to dystopia.

Amidst the diverse interpretations and visions of the future, one common thread unites these artworks – the indomitable human spirit. “Re-imagining the Future” is not merely a projection of our anxieties or utopian fantasies; it is a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and boundless capacity to dream. The art reminds us that the human spirit thrives, even in the face of adversity.

Art has always been a powerful catalyst for societal transformation, and “Re-imagining the Future” is no exception. It challenges us to think critically about the choices we make today and their impact on tomorrow. This exhibition offers an opportunity for self-reflection, dialogue, and engagement. It inspires us to consider our own role in shaping the future, whether as individuals, communities, or as a global society.

We cordially invite you to join us on this artistic odyssey, to witness the myriad interpretations of “Re-imagining the Future.” The exhibition is not just about contemplating what’s to come; it’s about actively engaging with the possibilities and contributing to the dialogue on our collective destiny.

“Re-imagining the Future” challenges you to explore, reflect, and, perhaps, to envision your own future. As you meander through the captivating works created by the participants of OnTrack Tasmania, let your imagination soar, and consider the role you wish to play in crafting a future that transcends boundaries and limitations.

In the evocative world of “Re-imagining the Future,” art becomes a portal to infinite potential. Embrace the experience, and together, let us embark on a journey that defies convention and celebrates the creative spirit of change.

The exhibition awaits you, ready to inspire, provoke, and reshape the way you envision tomorrow.