Presented by The Colour Circle

5 – 10 October 2023


Oct 5, 2023 – 6.30pm

Opened by the Lord Mayor, Anna Reynolds


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

10 Oct – Closing at 1pm

Join The Colour Circle as we explore the connections we make through creating and engaging in art. We share our artwork, sketchbooks and inspiration.

Kaleidoscope –  Art connections

An exhibition by members and tutors of The Colour Circle

This exhibition addresses the connections that individuals build through engaging in art. The exhibition explores several degrees of connection within an open subject theme.

1. The connection between the artist and their chosen medium and subject.

Artworks are grouped by similar media and subject to allow the viewer to see the different ways that artists approach the same subject and manipulate the same medium. There will be a full range of media represented including watercolour, soft pastels, oils, acrylics, printmaking, drawing and mixed media. Traditional, contemporary, impressionist, graphic, botanic and abstract styles are all represented.

Brief written comments by the artist will accompany some artworks to share insights into their connection to the subject, style and medium.

2. The connection between mentor and student.

This connection is demonstrated to the wider community as visitors to the Long Gallery experience The Colour Circle tutors creating artwork live in a variety of media.

The Tutors will take questions, provide advice and discuss how their artwork develops and what inspires and informs their creativity as well as the methods they use to transfer knowledge and skills to students and guide them to finding their own artistic voice. These will be interactive sessions allowing for public input.

The Colour Circle tutor faculty is made up of a highly professional and talented team of artists  including:

Joan Humble OAM, Traditional Oils

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Contemporary Oils and Acrylics

Lynne Brown and Tony White , Watercolours

Lindy Whitton, Pastels and Collagraphs

Denise Hallett and Angela Cooper, Printmaking

Tanya Scharaschkin, Botanic Drawing

Mel Hills, Drawing and Plein Air

Felicity Lovett, Life Drawing

Engaging in art is a very therapeutic practice with many benefits to individuals and communities and this part of the exhibition is aimed at fostering an interest in engaging in art.

3. The connection between the artist and the wider community.

Meeting and talking with an artist can add another dimension of understanding and interest to an exhibition and gives greater insight to the wider community about how art impacts on individuals.

Throughout the exhibition member artists will be on the floor sharing their insights, working methods and art appreciation with interested visitors.

There will be QR codes next to some art works for viewers to scan and view a  video by the artist. These will range from a brief comment about the art inspiration, a look through the sketchbook of the artist to a timelapse video of the painting process.

Presented by Stitching and Beyond Inc

Opening times:
22 Sept – 2 Oct, 2023

Monday 2 Oct 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

Stitching and Beyond’s biennial exhibition celebrating the creative works of its members.

An exhibition by members of Stitching and Beyond showcasing the diverse and innovative approaches members have to fibre and textile arts. Stitching and Beyond is a diverse group of textile artists exploring innovative approaches to textiles, fibre and mixed media arts. The exhibition is inclusive and open to all Stitching and Beyond members, whether they be professional or amateur artists.

Textile art in all its forms will be on display, including functional, decorative, fine and wearable works. A Curator’s and 6 People’s Choice awards are on offer. Visitors can enjoy live demonstrations and member attendants will be on hand to assist with visitor queries regarding exhibitors and their works, fibre art processes and practices, and group membership.

The popular ‘Member Challenge’ pieces for 2022 and 2023 will be displayed alongside the exhibition. In 2022 the theme was ‘Threads of Life’ and in 2023 it was ‘Under the Microscope’. The 2022 Challenge pieces will be returning from its year travelling around regional Tasmania and the 2023 exhibit will be beginning its journey around the state.

Presented by The Art Society of Tasmania

8 – 17 September 2023


September 8, 2023 – 6pm

Speakers: Her Excellency, The Honourable Barbara Baker, Governor of Tasmania


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This exhibition features recent works in all mediums and styles by members of the Art Society of Tasmania

The Art Society of Tasmania has been a key player in promoting art and artists in Tasmania for 139 years, making it one of the oldest art societies in Australia.

Artists have the opportunity to share their work at the Lady Franklin Gallery in Lenah Valley each weekend.  With a growing active membership this beautiful unique space could not accommodate the art work of all those who want to be part of the Annual Exhibition, hence the use of the Long Gallery which is a perfect exhibition venue.

The Art Society artists range from professionals to very skilled and talented recreational artists who work in all mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastel, printmaking, photography, ceramics, 3D work and textiles.

Curated by Lynne Howarth-Gladston and Paul Gladston

Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre,
77 Salamanca Place, Hobart
Saturday 19 August – Friday 1st September, 10-4pm

SOCIAL, Salamanca Arts Centre,
67 Salamanca Place, Hobart
Saturday 26 August – Sunday 3 September, 10-4pm

The Barracks Gallery, 
11 The Avenue, New Norfolk Saturday 9 September – Sunday 22 October
(Saturdays and Sundays only) 11-4pm

A Chinese artist presents contemporary visions of reciprocity between humanity, Nature and the heavenly.

This exhibition showcases videos, photographs and assemblages by the Chinese
contemporary artist Tan Lijie representing imagined coexistences between lived realities,
enchanted realms, reveries and dreamscapes.

The multi-dimensionality of Tan’s work gives rise to subtly transporting atmospheres and
myriad aesthetic affects which suspend fixed perceptions of the real as well as any orderly
sense of time and space.

Tan’s work is informed by personal concerns about the controlling expectations and
devastating environmental impact of present-day, materially obsessed, societies. It is also
marked by the residual traces of traditional Chinese Confucian-literati culture and its
aspirations toward a harmonious – mutually sustaining – aestheticized reciprocity between
humanity, Nature and the heavenly.

Enchanted Realities -Tan Lijie, Selected Works 2013-2022 is curated with reference to Johnson.
Tzong-zung Chang’s conception of the Yellow Box; an intervention with internationally
dominant modes of gallery display intended as conducive to the showing of works
characterized by the harmonizing reciprocity of traditional Chinese Confucian-literati

Tan continues to live and work in her home city of Shenzhen at the border between mainland
China and Hong Kong – an interstitial space resonant with the indeterminate aesthetics of the
artist’s work.



The Artist

TAN Lijie (b. 1991) was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Intermedia School
of The China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou (2017) and studied as an exchange student at
Kingston University, London (2015). A one-person exhibition of Tan’s work was held at The
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (2022). Her work has also been included in
group exhibitions at The Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart Tasmania, The Cipa Gallery,
Beijing, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing and the Djanogly Gallery of The
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Her video, The World was awarded Best
Creative (drama) at the Global Chinese University Student Film Awards (2012). Tan’s video,
Haussmann in the Tropics is in the collection of the White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney.

The Curators

Lynne HOWARTH-GLADSTON is an artist, curator, and researcher. She has exhibited her
paintings internationally, including in China, the UK, and Australia, and was lead curator of
the exhibitions ‘New China/New Art: Contemporary Video from Shanghai and Hangzhou,’
Djanogly Art Gallery, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK (2015) and ‘Dis-
/Continuing Traditions: Contemporary Video Art from China,’ Salamanca Arts Centre,
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (2021). Her Ph.D. thesis is the first to engage critically with the
work of the nineteenth-century botanical illustrator, Marianne North. She was a contributor to
the BBC4 documentary, Kew’s Forgotten Queen: The Life of Marianne North (2016).

Paul GLADSTON is the inaugural Judith Neilson Chair Professor of Chinese Contemporary
Art at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and a Distinguished Affiliate Fellow of
the UK-China Humanities Alliance, Tsinghua University, Beijing. His numerous book-length
publications include Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History (2014), awarded ‘best
publication’ at the Awards of Art China (2015), and Contemporary Chinese Art, Aesthetic
Modernity and Zhang Peili: Towards a Critical Contemporaneity (2019). He was an advisor to the internationally-acclaimed exhibition ‘Art of Change: New Directions from China’, Hayward Gallery-South Bank Centre, London (2012).

Presented by Resource Work Cooperative

22 – 30 July 2023 | 10am-5pm

Opening event: July 21st, 6pm

Since 1995 Art from Trash has helped highlight the vast amount of usable resources sent to landfill through artistic endeavours and shown the beauty that can be found in what is traditionally thought of as waste.

Since 1995, Art from Trash’s goal has been to encourage a deeper discussion about reuse and the negative outcomes of our consumer driven society and how to reduce the vast amounts of usable items sent to landfill every day.

Artists and makers both established and emerging, schools, community groups and everyone in between are invited to explore all types of materials through creative reuse. A horse made from salvaged wire? A sculpture made from crockery? Clothes created from old photographs? Almost anything is possible and probable when, instead of thinking outside the box, we use the box to create something completely new.

Art from Trash is one of the only exhibitions where you could see all these plus a cornucopia of other amazing works all created from something someone else thought was waste.

Resource Work Co-operative is proud to present Art from Trash 2023 at the Long Gallery from July 22 to July 30 2323 and would like to thank our partners the City of Hobart and Salamanca Arts Centre.

Presented by Scott Livesey Galleries

3 – 13 August 2023


Aug 4, 2023 – 6pm



10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

3 August, 12-5pm

13 August, 10am-2pm

Jennifer Riddle’s atmospheric landscapes depicting the remote Southwest wilderness of Tasmania. Driven by her relationship with nature, Riddle conveys a sense of intimacy, awe, and connection through the ephemeral sublimity of light and weather on the land. Riddle was the 2022 winner of the prestigious landscape art award, Glover Prize.

This exhibition draws upon what our world has lost and forgotten – opening up conversations surrounding our most ancient and rare landscapes and the emotional impact of their presence in the context of today’s rapidly changing world. With concerns surrounding humanities growing disconnection from our natural world and the growing vulnerability of wilderness landscapes, I aim to evoke a sense of unity and peaceful harmony, reuniting our innate relationships with the sublime and humbling landscapes of Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey in Tasmania’s remote Southwest.

I’ve been returning to this region, studying the light, changing weather conditions and observing the unique geological and ecological presence that pulses

throughout this time-weathered land for over eight years. Each return visit births a series of new paintings,

deepening my love, appreciation, and emotional connection to this place. Through this ongoing relationship, I focus on the silent atmospheric beauty that hangs in the air – the same transcendental awe that has helped me through a time of loss, enriching my spiritual growth and informing my art practice for the past two decades. It is here, in these quiet moments, where I’ve found myself deepening my senses to the volume of air before me – surging an awareness no longer of oneself but a consciousness that extends well beyond.

Through this connection, I hope to create an informed representation that evokes a sense of place – honouring this land’s past and the deepening vulnerability of the wilderness landscape as we grapple with the realities of climate change on our most precious environments. With sentiments surrounding our innate connection with nature and the importance of strengthening this relationship, I reflect on this land’s ancestral heritage and acknowledge the traditional owners of this country, the Needwoonee and Ninunee Peoples and their deep reciprocal relationship with the Land, Sea, Waterways, Sky and Culture.

As this landscape confronts a new dawn in its long history, I examine the intensity of emotions that have surfaced collectively during the recent epochal events

surrounding global warming and the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the flaws of high-density urban living and our growing segregation from green living spaces revealed our collective innate response to seek nature and slow our rhythms in its presence. As a result, our national parks, beaches, and bush trails became a refuge from their urban confines – exposing our primal need to escape and immerse ourselves within its natural beauty. A sense of realisation filtered through the chaos and mayhem, and our need to be with nature became the clarity from which we found hope.

Today, more and more studies confirm what many cultures have known for thousands of years, in that we are a part of nature, not separate from it, and immersing in a natural environment provides health benefits to both our physical and mental well-being—proving how imperative it is to rethink how we live our lives, not only for the health of ourselves but for the health of our future generations and our most vulnerable species and ecosystems that inhabit this great earth.

Through empirical observations, empathy and love for this raw and rare wilderness, I hope to provide a soulful space within these paintings. One that offers a quiet place beyond the foreground and into the depths of the horizon, illuminating lost memories and renewing the innate threads that bind us to this earth and together.

8 – 26 June 2023


Exhibition opening hours 10am – 10pm | Extended night time viewing throughout the duration of exhibition period.  


Friday 9TH | 6pm – 10pm


A special one night event of music and performance to coincide with GATHER TOGETHER exhibition | More information via link. 

Tuesday 13th June 2023

Early Bird $35 (+BF)

General Admission $45 (+BF)

GATHER TOGETHER EXHIBITION | brings artists from across the country to celebrate art, together. Curated by FORT HEART CO.

FORT HEART CO presents GATHER TOGETHER | bringing together over 90 curated artists from across the country from various creative backgrounds, including:

Abbie Whitton

Aleks Crossan

Aleta Lederwasch

Alyce Bell

Alyssa Henderson

Armie Sungvaribud


Ben Davis

Benjamin Knock

Bonkleigh Strut

Bradley East

Cat Parker

Catherine Mina

Charlotte Tatton


Chris Bury

Clay Of Fires

Clinton Gorst


Devika Bilimoria

Donna Lougher

Eli Freeman

Emily-Rose Wills

Emma Armstrong-Porter

Esther Touber

Everyday Lines

Francis Brough

Garreth Pearse

Georgia Laurie

Giant Swan

Gil Gilmour

Giovanna Da Silva

Glen Downey


Grace Harper

Helen Spencer

Horse Chiropractor

Hugo Mathias


Ingmar Apinis

Iris Blazely

Isaac Williams

Isabelle De Kleine

Jack Fran

Jack Hamilton

Jack Murphy


Jonathon Harris

Jonny Scholes

Julia Schmitt

Katie Bright

Kelly Nefer

Kerrie OJ

Kimberley Turner

Kyle KM

Kyra Hannah

Laura Alice

Laura Coad

Lauren Fahey


Lena Stumpf

Liam Snootle

Libby Dorney

Lila Ward

Lucy Ray

Maki Levine

Marianna Akl

Marisa Mu

Max Mueller

Meg Kolac

Melanie Errey

Melanie Caple

Michael Ariston

Miranda Rogers

Mitchell Pinney

Moksha Richards

Nani Puspasari

Natasha Bradley

Nicole Willis


Rachael Tanner

Rachel Bremner

Rachel Derum

Reece A Lyne

Rhys Cousins

Robyn Grove

Sarah Drinan

Scott Mclatchie

Sheridan Rothwell

Steffi Koppelwell

Stephanie Jook

Tegan Iversen

Ursula Woods

Viet-My Bui

Zeekiah Pilon

Zoe Haynes-Smith


13 May – 3 June 2023
10AM – 4PM Monday – Saturday (Closed Sunday)

Developed annually by the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston, the 2022 exhibition tour showcases a staggering 187 artworks by students in years 11 and 12 across Tasmania.

From analogue photography and traditional printmaking techniques to sculpture, video animation and more, ArtRage 2022 offers an eclectic and vibrant display of student works. As part of the ArtRage experience, students have been assessed on their works for their Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

Friday 12th May 2023 | 5:30pm-7:30pm | The Long Gallery

School groups are encouraged to visit this exhibition. As this is a popular event, we ask that you please register at the link below to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday 22 March – Tuesday 11 April 2023, 10am – 6pm

Opening Event: Wednesday 22 March 2023 6pm

Over 50 artworks made in response to takayna/Tarkine – a call to action and visual reminder of what is at stake, and what we stand to lose.

takayna / Tarkine, in north west Tasmania, is one of Earth’s last truly wild places. But this globally significant rainforest is more threatened than ever before – by logging, mining and off-road vehicle damage to the natural environment.

Art for takayna showcases the beauty and fragility of Australia’s largest temperate rainforest, takayna. Over the course of one long weekend, artists explore a range of landscapes, from the expansive coastline of pristine beaches, to the giant eucalyptus and myrtle forests, and the rugged and wild rivers of takayna.

These artworks are a call to action – a visual reminder of what is at stake, and what we stand to lose.

Saturday 25 February 2023, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
60 Minutes | No interval

Tickets :
Standard $30 | Concession $20

Ensemble Mania and MONA FOMA present Line Tracing 3 : music for solo instruments : An unbroken evening of music, with solo instrumentalists performing pieces that are remixed and responded to in real-time by Mish Szekelyhidi

The Line Tracing concerts consist of an unbroken evening of music, featuring live performances of several works composed for solo single-line instruments, each of which is followed by a musical response from a guest artist. For this concert we welcome Naarm/Melbourne-based sound and film artist Mish Szekelyhidi, who will remix each composition in real-time, transitioning between the live performances and creating a cohesive unbroken listening experience.

For Line Tracing 3, Ensemble Mania welcomes performances from nipaluna/Hobart based players James Anderson, Angus Deeth, Damian MacDonald, and Dominic Nguyen, and Naarm/Melbourne based musician Kyla Matsuura-Miller.

Line Tracing 3 will include the following works for solo instruments :
Andrew Toovey – Prelude for Viola (1993)
Shiori Usui – Space Between (2022)
Holly Caldwell – Co-meditation 1: Amber (2022)
Dominic Flynn – Sheshonq (2020)
Jaslyn Robertson – Dream-state (2021)
David Murray – infold (2022)

Ensemble Media

Ensemble Mania is a new music ensemble based in nipaluna/Hobart, lutruwita/Tasmania. Consisting of a rotating line-up of outstanding musicians from both within Tasmania and interstate, the collective was created with the goal of providing unique listening experiences for local audiences. The ensemble’s efforts are focussed on showcasing music that would otherwise not be heard in the island state, from exciting current composers to recently uncovered pieces and local gems. 

Mish Szekelyhidi

Mish Szekelyhidi (they/them, b.1993) is an ambitious artist researching radically accessible and expansive ways for disabled artists such as themself to compose, perform, learn and teach music in ways relating to, entangled with, promotive of disabilities and how this can be integrated into community-based and pedagogical settings. Under this project umbrella they are working on a short collaborative book, a series of radio shows, graphic scores commissions, and community workshops. 

Their sound work for commercials, documentary and fiction film has played around the world, including in the prestigious Venice Biennale, Locarno Film Festival, FIDMarseille, Cannes, and for films which have won awards in Torino and Monterrey. Their musical performance highlight is playing the main stage at Mona Foma January 2021 with the UTAS Experimental Music Ensemble. 

This project was made possible with support from the City of Hobart.