An outdoor venue perfect for installations and sculptural work.

Once a carter’s backyard, an escaped convict’s hideaway and a drying room for apple juice filters, Kelly’s Garden is a space that offers a unique urban heritage environment for contemporary sculptors and installation artists.

Kelly’s Garden is a courtyard enclosed by the three storey brick and stone walls of the old warehouses it once serviced. It is accessed via Kelly’s Lane off Salamanca Place, and has a large sliding gate with specially designed peepholes.

Kelly’s Garden has been restored to cater for a continuing program of large scale sculpture and installation works.

Venue Hire Rates

Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members
Kelly’s Garden is a free space available for two to three month long exhibitions for Salamanca Arts Centre Associate Members only.

Applying for Kelly’s Garden: 2023 Calendar

Salamanca Arts Centre (SAC) is currently seeking applications for inclusion in Kelly’s Garden 2023 Calendar : from August 2023 – January 2024.
This Call for Applications is for REMAINING DATES only; some months in the calendar are heavily booked.
Applications are sought for sculptural or installation works.

Deadline for Submissions :
Applications can be submitted at anytime

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within 10 x Working Days of Submission.

Applying for Kelly’s Garden : 2024 Calendar

Salamanca Arts Centre assesses applications for Kelly’s Garden twice annually, with application rounds occurring in April and September each year.

Salamanca Arts Centre is currently seeking applications for inclusion in the Kelly’s Garden 2024 Calendar. This round is for remaining dates only; not all dates within 2024 are available, but Salamanca Arts Centre shall endeavour to offer applicants’ preferred dates where we can.

Applications are sought from Arts Organisations, solo and duos of artists for large scale installations or sculptural work.

Applications can be submitted via the link below.

Applications close Monday 2nd October 2023.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in November 2023. 

The Courtyard is located at the heart of Salamanca Arts Centre.
The perfect place to sit and relax during the day. 

The back wall of The Courtyard is a natural rock face, creating a unique backdrop for arts activity. The same rock face continues into the adjacent Peacock Theatre.

The Courtyard has been used successfully for theatrical and dance performances, music recitals, Salamanca Arts Centre Resident Markets, film screenings, and cabaret. And for the past 20 Years has been the primary venue for the weekly Friday night live music event, Rektango.

In 2019, with the assistance of Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie MP, Salamanca Arts Centre was awarded a Federal Government Regional Development Grant to make improvements to the Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard. Major renovations were completed in 2020 aims to improve the visibility and accessibility of tenancies around the Courtyard. Automatic doors have been installed, along with more glazing and track lighting. The peacock feather-shaped platforms invite a greater variety of art forms. The state-of-the-art sound system and outdoor theatre lighting will create an unforgettable audience experience. Salamanca Arts Centre commissioned projects in public art and furniture design. Floating against the rock face is Escape Pod, a work by Colin Langridge inspired by a maritime escape pod. Embedded in the paving is a stainless-steel peacock feather by Gerhard Mausz above which are custom Sassafras timber benches and tables designed and made by Paul Allen.

New Venue Information Kit available for download soon.

Venue Hire Rates

Pop-Up Performance / Event
$85 per Hire (GST Inclusive)
Daytime | Non-Exclusive Hire

Evening Public Performance / Event
$210 per Hire (GST Inclusive)
Evening | Exclusive Hire

Evening Private Event
$330 per Hire (GST Inclusive)
Evening | Exclusive Hire
Includes all non-Arts Events, Private Functions, Corporate Events

All prices are inclusive of GST and are effective from 1 January 2024.

Applying for The Courtyard

Salamanca Arts Centre assesses applications for The Courtyard on an ongoing basis with rolling applications throughout the year and applications are only sought for the current year.

Applications are sought for the remaining dates in the 2023 and 2024 Calendar, for performances, concerts, workshops, corporate events, private functions and more!

Please note: Many months are already heavily booked.


Due to the location of The Courtyard and the significant sound bleed between the adjacent venues, the availability of The Courtyard is pending the bookings and scheduled activity in the adjacent venues (Peacock Theatre, Founders Room, Sidespace Gallery, Long Gallery). An event cannot occur in The Courtyard if there is already an event scheduled in an adjacent venue.

There is a live music event (Rektango) in the Courtyard every Friday evening between 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
The Courtyard is not available to hire during Rektango.