Presented by Dr Tiana Pirtle for National Science Week

Event :
Friday 16 August 2024

Doors Open @ 8:00pm | Show from 8:30pm – 9:30pm

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Think the vagina is a simple tube? Think again!

See wacky and wild tales of female animal reproductive anatomy and behaviour come to life on stage!

From the times of Aristotle and Darwin to today, there has been a stereotype of the male as the active player in sex and the female as the passive recipient of sperm. This stereotype has shaped how science and the wider world view those possessing vaginas. But vaginas are anything but simple receptacles, and female animals are not the passive players they’ve been made out to be.

Learn about multi-chambered vaginas and temporary passages, elongated clitorises, pseudo-penises, vaginas that can sort sperm, and armoured vaginal openings that put female animals in the driver’s seat of reproduction and evolution.

It’s time to re-write these stories.

This event is part of National Science Week 2024 and is supported by Inspiring Tasmania.

PLEASE NOTE our lift is currently undergoing maintenance and repairs. Wheelchair access to levels 1 and 2 of the arts centre is currently unavailable.