Raise your voice with pride and joy.

Includes performance as part of Headline Concert.

If you are looking to find your voice, why not join this workshop experience and explore the possibilities by singing with others? We invite Same Sex Attracted and Gender Questioning (SSAGQ), Gender Diverse (SSAGD), people of diverse gender and sexuality, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) singers, affirming allies and gender curious to join us!  

This three-day singing experience offers you the opportunity to share your journey through choral singing in a joyful, inclusive community setting. No experience necessary! You’ll be guided every step of the way, singing accessible music in a variety of styles, with on-topic themes sure to leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and empowered.

Come and raise your voice under the leadership of world-renowned queer conductor, composer and educator Dr Kathleen McGuire and who knows, maybe you’ll keep singing well after the festival curtains close!

Spend some time with outstanding Tibetan composer/ performer Tenzin Choegyal in this thoroughly enjoyable workshop.

Drawing on his nomadic heritage Tenzin shares his knowledge of Tibetan folk song and the nomadic style of vocal projection which is unique to his musical lineage. Tenzin will also share the practice of mantra singing. Derived from two Sanskrit words, manas (mind) and tra (tool or vehicle), mantras are considered to be powerful “tools of thought” – a means of harnessing and focusing the mind.  

In this workshop Tenzin leads participants on a musical journey from the joyous to the contemplative. Come along prepared to sing your heart out! 

Work with Kath Williams to bring a new level of understanding of your own voice and how it works. 

Find the YOU in your Singing to create ease, freedom and enjoyment through some great techniques and tools you will take away to use at Festival of Voices and beyond!  

As a self-confessed vocal pedagogy nerd and ever curious lifelong learner, voice teacher Kath Williams loves to create life changing experiences for all levels of singers through sharing her passion, knowledge and wisdom gained through studying extensively, and 30 + years as a singer, musician, and performer, via discovery exploration and curiosity.  

The Richard Smallwood Gospel Retrospective.

Includes performance as part of the Headline Concert and recording with the Southern Gospel Choir.

Spanning over 50 years, the music of Richard Smallwood, alongside James Cleveland and Edwin Hawkins, paved the way for and became the driving force behind the ‘new’ contemporary gospel music from the 1970’s to the present day.The influence of Smallwood’s music is immense, but at the heart of his music are the inspirational musicianship, arrangements, musical direction and production of Steven Ford. Now undertaking his PhD at the University of Tasmania with Associate Professor Legg, Steven Ford will act as a consultant with Andrew Legg and Maria Lurighi teaming up to facilitate and produce a landmark recording and concert series – a retrospective of the music of Richard Smallwood.

This workshop will create a gospel choir who will have the unique opportunity to be a part of this international project by participating in performing and recording some of Smallwood’s most loved tunes including : Anthem of Praise; Psalm 8; Total Praise and one of Steven Ford’s original compositions Faith To Believe. 

Thirty years in the making, Steven Ford (Richard Smallwood/Fred Hammond/the Winans), Andrew Legg (Myron Butler/Kirk Franklin/Michael Spiby/UTAS Southern Gospel Choir), and Maria Lurighi (Voice Lecturer at UTAS since 1999 and Coordinator of Voice since 2012 at UTAS since 1999) have forged a remarkable musical and personal relationship, underpinning and reinventing the contemporary gospel music tradition in Australia.

Glee Club’s Singalong Trivia comes to the festival

This is a trivia night where some of the questions are asked and some of the questions are sung!

Your host, Vicky Jacobs is not just a gameshow fanatic, she comes equipped with her very own live choir to sing and sometimes even sing along with!

But don’t worry, this isn’t just a music-centric trivia night, it’s more! You won’t need to know what Paul McCartney’s favourite food is (it’s chip butties).

There will be questions on science, history, travel and culture and we guarantee you’ll know at least one of the answers and probably a whole lot more!  

Get a table together and come along to play for some fabulous prizes and be part of a trivia night you’ll be telling people about for years! 

The Singers Lounge is the place for after-hours singalongs, open mic performances and general Festival buzz. 

Our festival lounge is open to patrons, performers and participants.  Since we began, the festival transforms Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery to become the heart and soul of the festival, where friends – old and new – enjoy scheduled and impromptu performances. It’s inclusive, informal and free of judgement – a welcoming space to sing or sit back in our laid-back lounge. 

Hosted by a variety of special guest MC’s, our licensed bar will be serving wines, spirits and beers, with refreshments and snacks. Doors open at 7.30pm with limited tickets on the door, subject to availability. 

Roll up for classic circus fun!

Get ready to witness a world of amazing acrobatics, classy conjuring, hypnotising hula hoops, and lots and lots of fun. A show for all ages, starring Tony Rooke, Lewie West, Freyja Wild and Conor Wild.  

It’s a show where anything is possible with laughs, gasps and giggles guaranteed.  

Fun, silly and sandwiched between incredible acrobatic feats.

Tony’s Imaginary Circus will leave you with a skip in your heart and a smile on your face. A family-friendly 45 minutes of gasps and laughs. Expect acrobatics, hula hooping, magic, a rogue clown and music you’ll hum all day.