“Monkey Magic with Destined One” is a unique musical stage comedy that reinterprets the classic “Journey to the West” with modern issues and Tasmanian landscapes. This three-act play follows Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy in a humorous, environmentally-conscious adventure, enhanced by live music and local Tasmanian artistry.

2024: Hilarious Original Musical Stage Comedy – A Must-See for Comedy Lovers!

Introducing “Monkey Magic with Destined One,” a brand-new stage musical comedy that reimagines the classic Journey to the West (MONKEY MAGIC), seamlessly blending it with contemporary issues and the enchanting landscapes of Tasmania. This innovative production brings together the art of theater and live music to transport an Eastern myth onto the stage, creating a fresh and original stage musical comedy.

Spanning three acts, the story primarily follows Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy on a whimsical and high-energy journey to find their destined ones and save nature. Throughout the performance, the narrative skillfully addresses real-world environmental concerns and the complexities of interpersonal trust through a witty and humorous artistic lens. Furthermore, the live music elements are a standout feature of this theatrical masterpiece, adding an extra layer of magic to the entire experience.

All elements of this show is created, curated and developed by Tasmanian local artists.

Monkey Magic with a Destined One Highlights:

– Creativity: **Immerse yourself in the innovative and creative retelling of a mythological narrative.

– Classic Homage:** Experience a respectful nod to the iconic moments from “Monkey Magic.”

– Cultural Fusion:** Witness the infusion of Eastern cultural elements, including Peking Opera and martial arts, creating a unique and authentic stage experience.

– Live Musical Experience:** Be enchanted by the live music performed by the “Purple Passion” band, featuring specially adapted compositions premiering on the same day.

– Comedic Appeal:** Dive into a comedic journey, promising a light and humorous experience suitable for diverse audiences.

“Monkey Magic with a Destined One” Synopsis:

Introducing a brand-new stage musical comedy that ingeniously blends the classic “Monkey Magic” with contemporary issues against the enchanting backdrop of Tasmania. Join Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy on a whimsical journey spanning three acts as they seek their destined ones and strive to save nature. This theatrical masterpiece addresses real-world environmental concerns with humour and wit, accompanied by the captivating live music of the “Purple Passion” band.

Before You Hit ‘Buy Ticket’:

This production is a completely fictional narrative, crafted without any factual basis. In our meticulous adaptation, all religious elements from the original source have been purposefully excluded to provide an environment free from religious content.

Music Support: Purple Passion

Technical Support: Olimedia Events

Polynesian wayfinding is alive in the Solomon Islands

“We are the crew of Lata, the Polynesian culture-hero who built the first vaka (oceanic voyaging canoe) and navigated across the Pacific.
We use only the ancient designs, materials, and methods of Lata, and from Lataʻs story we learn how to avoid making big mistakes. We invite everyone to reconnect with ancestors and sustainable lifeways. Join us in the real Moana!”

Films & Screening Times
Sunday 12 February 2023 @ 4:00pm (57 minutes)

Free Event

Launched in 1864, the City of Adelaide is the older of only two surviving composite clipper ships. The other is the world famous Cutty Sark.

The derelict vessel faced being broken up in Scotland when in 2000 an Adelaide group of volunteers started a campaign to save it.

This film showcases the engineering task of designing how to lift the ship, its actual move from Scottish soil and its relocation to Port Adelaide.

Films & Screening Times
Sunday 12 February 2023 @ 3:00pm (35 minutes)

Free Event

A triple feature by Australia’s premier maritime history documentarian, Gary Kerr.

Watch just one film or stay for all three!
Enjoy a 10 minute Q&A with Garry Kerr after each film.

Films & Screening Times
Sunday 12 February 2023
10:00am : Trading Out of Hobart (67mins)
11:30am : The Last Cape Horners (73mins)
1:00pm : Two Men in a Punt (96mins)

Free Event

Image courtesy of Garry Kerr
Image courtesy of Garry Kerr
Image courtesy of Garry Kerr

Saturday 11 February 2023, 10:00am – 11:00am
Duration : 60 Minutes | No Interval

Join women sailors from WWSA — Women Who Sail Australia — for a fun and informative hour sharing practical knowledge, stories, and friendship about sailing.

If you’re already a member of WWSA you will know how inclusive and supportive this group is … if you’re not a member yet come along to learn about our great group.

WWSA is a mix of skippers, cruisers, racers, and women just starting out enjoying wooden boats as well as modern production boats. Two accomplished Tasmanian skippers will share some of their tips and experiences on the day. They will also share some of the special places here in Tasmania to take your boat, accompanied by lots of great photos. 

In addition, there will be hands-on advice and demonstrations of rope handling and shorthanded berthing.

Artists across Tasmania present their own interpretation of the broad theme of water in any medium.

As an island we are surrounded by water so there is ample opportunity to capture its mood and beauty.

The Water Ways exhibition has artwork across all styles and media including painting, sculptures and photography. The works range from representational and abstraction to environmental commentary.

Art is for everyone.  All artists create in an individual way and viewers will connect with a work for a very personal reason. Reflecting this unique but valid bond the major prize of $2000 will be decided not by judges, but by people’s choice vote. We invite visitors to engage with the art by voting for their favourite art work.

Prominent members of our community are asked to select their favourite artwork and give a reason for their choice. The diversity of choices is interesting to see.

Diane Casimaty. Spring Bay
Maggie Rees. Clydes and Shells
Rick Crossland. Blunnies on the Beach

Friday 10 February 2023, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Saturday 11 February 2023, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Doors Open 15 minutes prior to performance
Duration : 60 Minutes | No Interval

A Sea Voyage | A Tragedy | A Love Story

Michael Veitch (of The Full Monty, D-Generation and Fast Forward fame) plays the hero of one of the most dramatic, yet now forgotten, true chapters from Australia’s maritime history. Based on Michael’s book of the same name, Hell Ship is a tale of hardship and heroism; of survival and love; of disaster and redemption. 

In the spring of 1852, the magnificent sailing ship Ticonderoga set course from Liverpool to Victoria filled with mainly Scots Highlander families, all hoping to find a new life in a new land. However, on the voyage, disaster struck when a deadly typhus epidemic erupted throughout her decks, taking scores of her passengers. On the high seas, an epic struggle of life and death played out. 

Michael is accompanied live on stage by the exquisite musical talents of Tom Veitch, his talented cellist and composer son. 

This is an hour of drama and music not to be missed. 

“…a stylish, well-produced solo show; a lively and meticulously researched act of historical imagination” 
– Cameron Woodhead

Image courtesy of Michael Veitch.
Image courtesy of Michael Veitch.
Image courtesy of Michael Veitch.