Hannah Blackmore


Hannah Blackmore

Daily opening times:
1 – 30 September, 2023
10am – 4pm

A contemplative journey of abstract landscape paintings by Hannah Blackmore.

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, we often find ourselves yearning for moments of serenity, for a chance to pause, and simply breathe. In Breathe, my upcoming exhibition of contemplative landscapes, I draw inspiration from the principles of minimalism, embracing the notion of creating space by shedding the superfluous and embracing what truly matters.

Within the canvas, I strive to capture the essence of calmness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a tranquil world where simplicity reigns supreme. Through my exploration of landscapes and seascapes, I seek to liberate the viewer’s mind by introducing ample white space, providing room for contemplation and introspection.

Warm, neutral tones and pristine whites become the focal point of my latest body of work, as I embark on a journey away from vivid blues. I eagerly delve into new techniques, refining my palette knife work to create textural intricacies and employing pencils to introduce delicate linear marks that dance across the surface.

Every stroke, every shade is carefully orchestrated to evoke a profound emotional connection with the audience, guiding them towards an oasis of inner peace. The absence of explicit geographical references allows each viewer to weave their own narrative, transcending physical locations to reach a realm of pure emotion and self-reflection.

As I draw inspiration from the ethereal Tasmanian light that has captivated my senses since my arrival, the paintings radiate with a subtle familiarity, an echo of the tranquillity that resides in the depths of nature. Organic shapes and layered compositions, constructed through thin washes of paint, form the foundation of each piece. Gradually, the paintings unfold into areas of thicker palette knife work, beckoning the viewer to embark on a journey of intrigue and exploration.

Within these contemplative landscapes, a profound sense of solitude beckons, inviting the viewer to stand in that space, peer into the horizon, and connect with their own inner stillness. Each artwork becomes a portal to escape the relentless cacophony of the outside world, offering solace and an opportunity to reconnect with the essence of existence.

Breathe is an invitation to let go, to release the burdens that weigh us down, and to immerse ourselves in the purity of simplicity. It is a reminder that amidst the chaotic hum of life, we can always find moments of tranquillity if we pause, take a breath, and embrace the space within.

Join me on this contemplative journey through abstract landscapes, and together, let us find solace in the art of breathing.