Twelve Angry Jurors

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Twelve Angry Jurors

Pepperberry Theatre Inc.

A life in the balance.
Twelve people.
One verdict.

Twelve Angry Jurors is a variation on the well-known play and movie, ‘Twelve Angry Men’ originally written by Reginald Rose in 1954, and adapted by Sherman L. Sergel.

A jury has murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his father. But what appears to be an open and shut case soon becomes a huge dilemma, as prejudices and preconceived ideas about the accused, the trial, and each other turn the tables every which way, until the nail-biting climax…

Witness a ‘BRILLIANT’, ‘RIVETING’, ‘TRIUMPH’ of a show.

Still acclaimed as being as relevant as ever, Pepperberry Theatre‘s May 2024 production will be set in contemporary Australia and features an outstanding cast of Tasmanian talent. The play centres on the deliberation of a jury who must decide on any reasonable doubt in the case of a youth, “from the wrong side of the tracks,” on trial for the murder of his abusive father.

The play’s major themes of racism, equality and justice are still as relevant today as they were in the 1950s and are aptly reflected in the characters of the play who, subconsciously and unintentionally, begin to show their deeply rooted prejudices and staunch judgements.

This challenging ensemble work, directed by Robert Jarman, presents these twelve, cleverly written characters in such a poignant and significant way that will connect and resonate with audiences on many levels, from beginning to end.

Robert Jarman

Kate Choraziak, Arin Dean, Paul Dellas, Chris Hamley, Bil Heit, Tommy Howard, Virginia Kamino, Paul Levett, Benedicta McGeown, Clare Pearson, Di Richards, Laura White

Adult: $55
Concession: $45
Student: $30