The Visit

Donna Ritchie

The Visit

Donna Ritchie

Uncertain times are ahead.

Are we dangerously close to a cosmic shift in our way of life?

Are you ready for The Visit?

In this installation The Visit is taking place.

The Who, What, Where and When isn’t determined. We, as boxed humans filled to the brim of humanness thoughts, information, fears, desires, random useless emotions, some useful ones too, we stand and watch The Visit unfold.

We don’t know what to do, do we engage with and follow our new visitors, or do we stand back fearfully thinking they might be an enemy and here to do harm?

Taking inspiration from my employment as a gallery attendant, I observe visitors in many different stances, I closely watch their behavior – observing the observer.

Often I have seen visitors outside of their comfort zone, either being in the gallery in the first place, an alien space for some, or being confronted with ideas, visuals or sounds that disrupt their norm. I help expand their minds.

Would you dare go if you were invited to explore the unknown?

Ceramics and mosaics by Donna Ritchie.

Wire words written by Chris Hall.

Copper wire twisted by Donna and Chris.

Wire word text placed in the Lightbox Gallery reads as follows:

Nobody looks in the shadows

they assume that nothing is there

But look close into the shallows of dark

and something is shining, blinking, aware