Andrea Jordan & Sallee Warner


Andrea Jordan & Sallee Warner

Andrea Jordan & Sallee Warner

15 – 25 September 2023

Opening event:

September 15 – 5pm

Daily Opening Times :

Weekdays 10 – 4pm
Saturday 9.30am -4.00pm
Sunday 10am – 4.00pm
Monday 25th September 10.00 am – 4.00pm

STILL is an exhibition by Andrea Jordan, painter and Sallee Warner, ceramicist, revealing the humanity and beauty found in the simple objects of everyday life.


    Andrea Jordan Painting

    Sallee Warner Ceramics

This exhibition is a collaboration between two good friends: a painter, Andrea Jordan and a ceramicist, Sallee Warner, exploring a common approach in our separate disciplines. We share a love of art that is quiet and dignified, with intrinsic humanity and beauty. These qualities are reflected in the work that we each bring to this exhibition.


The paintings are intended to be calm, quiet and contemplative – a still life, investigating the intrinsic value of everyday objects and celebrating the human touch. I have long admired that quality in Sallee’s ceramics, some of which can be found in my paintings.

I surround myself in the studio with my paintings and other collections, taking pleasure in composing the subjects and exploring the contribution of their shadows, seeking balance and harmony in the conversations between subject, lighting and shadow.

I have developed the techniques employed in these paintings over many years, based originally on those of the master painters of the Renaissance.

The simplicity of subject matter in these paintings and the calming, muted colour palette allow the objects to speak quietly of their worth.


“Something beautiful to behold in the form of an object you can use.”

My work is about making purposeful pots, using soft clay thrown on the pottery wheel, enhancing the throwing lines and ridges that reside in the memory of the making.

The simplicity of the form engages you not only in the function of the vessel, but in the unique textural quality of being handmade.

Things, things that we use every day surround us. By bringing this concept to the table and experiencing the contact of living with and using hand made pots we can elevate the ordinariness.

While using hand made pots you may notice a signature, maybe a shell imprint, subtle contours and character of forms. Traces of knowing it has been considered and thought through.

You may even know the maker, bringing a little bit of joy into your day.