Sky Dreaming

Presented by Paul Hoelen and Tom Polacheck

Sky Dreaming

Presented by Paul Hoelen and Tom Polacheck


Opening Event – Thursday Feb 15, 5:30pm

Artist Talks – Sunday, February 18, 2pm – 3:30pm

Walk Through and Meet with the Artist – Saturday, February 24, 12pm – 4pm

Daily opening times:

14 – 25 February, 2024
10AM – 4PM

Variations to opening hours:

Fridays 10AM to 6:30PM

An exhibition of abstract aerial landscape imagery from remote regions of Australia and around the globe evoking figurative, symbolic and emotional interpretations  

Flying is a lot like dreaming. The world feels both familiar and alien. The concrete objects of everyday reality transform into abstract shapes and colours, frequently taking on dreamlike qualities. As one takes to the wing, a whole new perspective and relationship with the world unfolds and evolves.  Physical structures and hidden intricacies begin to reveal themselves with unanticipated complexity, majesty and depth. The true immensity of natural formations, their levels of interconnectivity and the impact of man are unveiled in ways that are simply not possible from the more linear perspective of the earth. The realization of our own and humanities insignificance becomes more apparent when the scale and diversity of nature’s creative capacity are revealed. Human created landscapes can also have their own distinct beauty and fascination. Yet, seeing the scale at which humans can and have altered the natural landscape provokes questions and concerns about humanity’s responsibilities toward the planet in which we live.

In this exhibition, Paul Hoelen and Tom Polacheck present a collection of aerial imagery captured throughout remote regions of Australia and around the globe. Often devoid of recognisable features or obvious visual cues, the images lose their sense of scale and take on more mysterious and illusionary qualities.  The viewer is invited to move beyond the literal into more fluid and figurative pathways of interpretation and into broader realms of emotion, symbolism and metaphor. Such is the magic, power and allure of abstraction. An echo of the dreamtime stories of the land’s creation might even whisper through the images if one listens closely enough

PLEASE NOTE our lift is currently undergoing maintenance and repairs. Wheelchair access to levels 2 and 3 of the arts centre is currently unavailable.