Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions

with Charlie McCarthy

Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions

with Charlie McCarthy

Proudly presented by Salamanca Arts Centre.

Saturday 1 October, 2022
11am – 1pm
The Courtyard, Salamanca Arts Centre
** weather dependant **

Come and hear some of Hobart’s finest Gypsy Jazz artists play a ‘session’ like you have never heard before!
Curated and hosted by award winning virtuoso violinist Charlie McCarthy, members of the musical community are encouraged to join in, just like they did back in the day.
Expect to be wowed by the music of the 1930’s Parisian Belle Epoque’ (Beautiful Era). This is the music that Monet, Renoir, Degas, Picasso, and Van Gogh listened to when they were out and about on their adventures.

Everyone is welcome!

Want to play along too?

If you are interested in participating in these sessions, then please register your interest below and Charlie will put your name on the list, and make sure there is a seat available for you.

Hosted by award winning virtuoso violinist Charlie McCarthy and featuring local and travelling musicians of the highest calibre, the Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions differ from a regular musical performance in a few key ways.

This Gypsy Jazz Jam is based on how the genre was originally encountered in the 1930’s Parisian social scene, around a campfire fire/table or in a bar or even backstage during a gig where the musicians were formally booked to play for dances and would jam backstage for fun.

The Musicians will be seated in a circle facing each other, unrehearsed but with common repertoire and familiar calls/instructions/signals for on-the-spot arrangement decisions. All tunes are played from memory, no charts, just a list of common songs and everyone leads the song they nominate. Musicians can take a break whenever they like but the music is pretty much continuous and other musicians and even members of the audience are encouraged to join in and participate also! BYO instrument!

The audience is invited to be close to the music, and can move around the musicians, with the option of changing location at any time, go to the bar and enjoy a drink, chat and interact with friends, get in close to the musician you want to observe the most.

This session will not be amplified so move up close to hear the music as loud as you like.

The main goal being more fun for all.

Why these sessions are so special
The musicians are more relaxed and will be more communicative and adaptable to variation in the moment, they will play uninhibited and take musical risks to the enjoyment of all.

The audience engages with the musicians directly. Chats between tunes, observing the interactions first hand and even getting involved if you bring your instrument.

You hear the true sound of the instrument directly from the instrument, no amplification, no feedback, so that when identical instruments are soloing you can clearly see/hear who is doing what. These instruments have been around for hundreds of years and are already the perfect volume for this kind of music.

The Salamanca Gypsy Jazz Sessions are presented by Salamanca Arts Centre as part of its Live Music Program, which is supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Live Music Fund.

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