Kaleidoscope Art Connections

Presented by The Colour Circle

Kaleidoscope Art Connections

Presented by The Colour Circle

Presented by The Colour Circle

5 – 10 October 2023


Oct 5, 2023 – 6.30pm

Opened by the Lord Mayor, Anna Reynolds


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Variations to Daily Opening Times :

10 Oct – Closing at 1pm

Join The Colour Circle as we explore the connections we make through creating and engaging in art. We share our artwork, sketchbooks and inspiration.

Kaleidoscope –  Art connections

An exhibition by members and tutors of The Colour Circle

This exhibition addresses the connections that individuals build through engaging in art. The exhibition explores several degrees of connection within an open subject theme.

1. The connection between the artist and their chosen medium and subject.

Artworks are grouped by similar media and subject to allow the viewer to see the different ways that artists approach the same subject and manipulate the same medium. There will be a full range of media represented including watercolour, soft pastels, oils, acrylics, printmaking, drawing and mixed media. Traditional, contemporary, impressionist, graphic, botanic and abstract styles are all represented.

Brief written comments by the artist will accompany some artworks to share insights into their connection to the subject, style and medium.

2. The connection between mentor and student.

This connection is demonstrated to the wider community as visitors to the Long Gallery experience The Colour Circle tutors creating artwork live in a variety of media.

The Tutors will take questions, provide advice and discuss how their artwork develops and what inspires and informs their creativity as well as the methods they use to transfer knowledge and skills to students and guide them to finding their own artistic voice. These will be interactive sessions allowing for public input.

The Colour Circle tutor faculty is made up of a highly professional and talented team of artists  including:

Joan Humble OAM, Traditional Oils

Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Contemporary Oils and Acrylics

Lynne Brown and Tony White , Watercolours

Lindy Whitton, Pastels and Collagraphs

Denise Hallett and Angela Cooper, Printmaking

Tanya Scharaschkin, Botanic Drawing

Mel Hills, Drawing and Plein Air

Felicity Lovett, Life Drawing

Engaging in art is a very therapeutic practice with many benefits to individuals and communities and this part of the exhibition is aimed at fostering an interest in engaging in art.

3. The connection between the artist and the wider community.

Meeting and talking with an artist can add another dimension of understanding and interest to an exhibition and gives greater insight to the wider community about how art impacts on individuals.

Throughout the exhibition member artists will be on the floor sharing their insights, working methods and art appreciation with interested visitors.

There will be QR codes next to some art works for viewers to scan and view a  video by the artist. These will range from a brief comment about the art inspiration, a look through the sketchbook of the artist to a timelapse video of the painting process.