Jackson Studio


Jackson Studio

Daily opening times:
7 – 12 June, 2023
10am – 4pm

Annual group art exhibition by members of Jackson Studio.

Jackson Studio proudly presents Jacksonism, an annual group art exhibition by adult art students and artists ranging in age from early 20s through to 80s. Our official opening will be by Hobart Artist, Kichikoo on Thursday 8 June at 6pm with Welcome to Country by Belinda Casey and music by Alex Buktenica and will be up until 4pm, 12 June.

Jackson artists vary from complete beginners through to experienced painters and we meet in groups (seven times a week) to explore art through a different artist and style each week. I research artists and provide videos and art exercises for everyone at the start of each session – we explore a diverse range of art from all over the world and throughout different eras, which stimulates conversation and can be a great inspiration for everyone’s artistic endeavours. After this activity everyone is free to get on with their own work for the rest of the session.

Everyone at Jackson is encouraged to find their way – to experiment and develop their own styles, and bounce ideas off each other. Our motto is “feel the fear and do it anyway!”. We keep in touch via a Facebook group, sharing our work and ideas and all meet annually at our exhibition.

Known as “The Jacksonites” there is a shared camaraderie between all attendees, even those who haven’t yet met! As we have studied so many art movements and styles – a lot of “isms” over the years, I have coined the title for our show – Jacksonism, which is intended to mean artistic freedom.

For some of our artists, this is their first experience of exhibiting. This year we have a big range of subject matter, genres and mediums -oils, acrylics, watercolours and more, with prices ranging from approximately $200 – $1500 – there’s something for everyone.

There will be a number and a QR code next to each painting in our show – the number will relate to our catalogue, available as you enter the gallery, and the QR code will take you to Jackson’s website to read statements provided by our artists. Please ask one of our friendly gallery attendants if you have any queries at all.

Jacksonism includes the Carolyn Bonny Memorial Art Prize, sponsored by Artery – the winner of the prize will be announced at our opening.

This year is Jackson’s 10th anniversary, and our 6th group exhibition. Having started with four people on a Saturday morning in 2013, we have grown to over 60, with 153 in our Facebook group and participating exhibitors are thrilled to present our work to you at the Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. The show will run from 7 – 12 June.

I am incredibly proud of all my members and the enthusiastic culture we have created and foster together at Jackson. This year’s exhibition coincides with our tenth year of operating (in one form or another) and I hope to continue working with everyone well into the future.

Thank you for your interest in our artistic explorations – I hope you enjoy it all and, if you are interested in joining us, please contact me through our website.

Sarah Weaver, Artist and Art Tutor, Jackson Studio