Jake Walker


Jake Walker

Thursday 20 January- Sunday 27 March 2022
This exhibition is part of the OPEN SKY / Kelly’s Garden 2022 program
Curated by Ainslie Macaulay

Closing Event
23 March 2022
5.30pm – 7pm

Jake Walker will present a group of ambiguous ceramic objects, alluding to keys, paintings and alternate realities.

Grog: a granular material that has been crushed down from brick, refractory rock, or other pre-fired ceramic product and added to clay to give textures, reduce shrinkage during firing, help the clay to form uniformly and stop cracking and warping when being fired.

Grog; a strong alcoholic drink, originally rum , mixed with water

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Photos: Jesse Hunniford
Photo: Jesse Hunnifrod

Jake Walker | Genevieve Griffiths

Jake Walker

Jake Walker was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia in 2000. His practice is inextricably linked to the natural and cultural landscapes of New Zealand. Walker admits that as a child he ‘didn’t really know there were too many other kinds of painting’ aside from landscapes. His works are constantly shifting and revisited after some time, with chance and instinct at the core of his working practice. Sometimes this results in works of ‘weightlessness of accident and incident.’ Exploring themes of modernist architecture and abstract perspectives, Walker’s free and loose sense of play embraces material forms. Walker sees paintings as objects, not flat two-dimensional images. This openness to experimental processes has led to a series of works using clay- painterly forms and stoneware frames that lead from one thing, to another.

He is represented by Station (Melbourne)Gallery 9 (Sydney)Hamish McKay Gallery (Wellington NZ)Ivan Anthony (Auckland) and Dutton (NYC).

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