A life in the balance.
Twelve people.
One verdict.

Twelve Angry Jurors is a variation on the well-known play and movie, ‘Twelve Angry Men’ originally written by Reginald Rose in 1954, and adapted by Sherman L. Sergel.

A jury has murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his father. But what appears to be an open and shut case soon becomes a huge dilemma, as prejudices and preconceived ideas about the accused, the trial, and each other turn the tables every which way, until the nail-biting climax…

Witness a ‘BRILLIANT’, ‘RIVETING’, ‘TRIUMPH’ of a show.

Still acclaimed as being as relevant as ever, Pepperberry Theatre‘s May 2024 production will be set in contemporary Australia and features an outstanding cast of Tasmanian talent. The play centres on the deliberation of a jury who must decide on any reasonable doubt in the case of a youth, “from the wrong side of the tracks,” on trial for the murder of his abusive father.

The play’s major themes of racism, equality and justice are still as relevant today as they were in the 1950s and are aptly reflected in the characters of the play who, subconsciously and unintentionally, begin to show their deeply rooted prejudices and staunch judgements.

This challenging ensemble work, directed by Robert Jarman, presents these twelve, cleverly written characters in such a poignant and significant way that will connect and resonate with audiences on many levels, from beginning to end.

Robert Jarman

Kate Choraziak, Arin Dean, Paul Dellas, Chris Hamley, Bil Heit, Tommy Howard, Virginia Kamino, Paul Levett, Benedicta McGeown, Clare Pearson, Di Richards, Laura White

Adult: $55
Concession: $45
Student: $30

An evening of a cappella vocal music, featuring fun, upbeat tunes and stirring ballads.

Join us for this FREE Youth Week Tas event! An evening of a cappella vocal music, featuring fun, upbeat tunes and stirring ballads.

The A Cappella Bootcamp workshop choir will showcase their work, and will be joined by local groups Vocalis, Young Voices of Hobart, and ThylaSing.

This concert is proudly supported by Youth Week Tasmania and Salamanca Arts Centre.

Tickets are FREE

Actor’s Studio ‘24 is a series of monthly acting workshops aimed at actors and performers wanting to refresh or build their skills.

Actor’s Studio ‘24 is a series of monthly acting workshops aimed at actors and performers wanting to refresh or build their skills.

It’s a space to play, practise and perform! Work with your artistic peers and flex a wide variety acting & performance skills on a regular basis.

Each monthly workshop will be facilitated by a different tutor,  an experienced and professional Tasmanian performer / acting coach aimed to give you 10 months of varied skills practise during 2024

Whether you just want to PLAY, BUILD YOUR PERFORMANCE SKILLS, PRACTISE & LEARN MORE the Actors’ Studio ’24 is the space and time for you. It’s your creative outlet to join like-minded artists at a regular time and a familiar space. Work with and learn from industry professionals outside your usual theatrical circles – meet tutors, performers, directors from all areas of lutrawita/Tasmania.

– Sunday morning workshops will be held from 10am-2pm each month from Feb-Nov ‘24

– workshops can be booked individually, or in packages of 3, 5, 10 with discounts on each package

* Actors’ Studio ’24 is supported by Salamanca Arts Centre


1) Sunday 25th February  :  MICHELLE WILLIAMS – Choreo in Performance

2) Sunday 17th March  :  ROBERT JARMAN – Don’t Tell Me, Show Me; Working Well with Directors

3) Sunday 28th April  :  ANDREW CASEY – Stage Combat Skills

4) Sunday 26th May  :  PENNY MCDONALD – Alexander Technique for Actors

5) Sunday 23rd June  :  JUSTUS NEUMANN – Thinking Strictly Forbidden! Presence on Stage and in Life; Improvisation & Spontaneous Storytelling

6) Sunday 28th July  :  JULIE WADDINGTON – The Kinaesthetic Actor; Physical Actor Training & Approaches to Text

7) Sunday 25th August :  JEFF KEVIN – Shakespearean Technique: From the Page to the Floor

8) Sunday 29th September  :  JANE LONGHURST – Playing in Staging; How Actors Work

9) Sunday 27th October  :   CHRIS JACKSON – Physiovocal & Integrated Training

10) Sunday 24th November  :  BEN WINSPEAR – Directing Techniques – for Actors

“Monkey Magic with Destined One” is a unique musical stage comedy that reinterprets the classic “Journey to the West” with modern issues and Tasmanian landscapes. This three-act play follows Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy in a humorous, environmentally-conscious adventure, enhanced by live music and local Tasmanian artistry.

2024: Hilarious Original Musical Stage Comedy – A Must-See for Comedy Lovers!

Introducing “Monkey Magic with Destined One,” a brand-new stage musical comedy that reimagines the classic Journey to the West (MONKEY MAGIC), seamlessly blending it with contemporary issues and the enchanting landscapes of Tasmania. This innovative production brings together the art of theater and live music to transport an Eastern myth onto the stage, creating a fresh and original stage musical comedy.

Spanning three acts, the story primarily follows Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy on a whimsical and high-energy journey to find their destined ones and save nature. Throughout the performance, the narrative skillfully addresses real-world environmental concerns and the complexities of interpersonal trust through a witty and humorous artistic lens. Furthermore, the live music elements are a standout feature of this theatrical masterpiece, adding an extra layer of magic to the entire experience.

All elements of this show is created, curated and developed by Tasmanian local artists.

Monkey Magic with a Destined One Highlights:

– Creativity: **Immerse yourself in the innovative and creative retelling of a mythological narrative.

– Classic Homage:** Experience a respectful nod to the iconic moments from “Monkey Magic.”

– Cultural Fusion:** Witness the infusion of Eastern cultural elements, including Peking Opera and martial arts, creating a unique and authentic stage experience.

– Live Musical Experience:** Be enchanted by the live music performed by the “Purple Passion” band, featuring specially adapted compositions premiering on the same day.

– Comedic Appeal:** Dive into a comedic journey, promising a light and humorous experience suitable for diverse audiences.

“Monkey Magic with a Destined One” Synopsis:

Introducing a brand-new stage musical comedy that ingeniously blends the classic “Monkey Magic” with contemporary issues against the enchanting backdrop of Tasmania. Join Tripitaka, the Monkey King, and Pigsy on a whimsical journey spanning three acts as they seek their destined ones and strive to save nature. This theatrical masterpiece addresses real-world environmental concerns with humour and wit, accompanied by the captivating live music of the “Purple Passion” band.

Before You Hit ‘Buy Ticket’:

This production is a completely fictional narrative, crafted without any factual basis. In our meticulous adaptation, all religious elements from the original source have been purposefully excluded to provide an environment free from religious content.

Music Support: Purple Passion

Technical Support: Olimedia Events

Presented by Dogs of Pleasure

Join DOP in celebrating this momentous occasion as they release their debut album “Embrace”. Guaranteed to be an exhilarating concert experience and an unforgettable evening of improvised music from these two virtuosos.

Embrace is the culmination of more than 15 years of experimentation and ongoing collaboration between drummer Alf Jackson and guitarist Julius Schwing, having arrived at a way of playing purely their own based on a shared desire to create ecstatic and cathartic moments of improvised energy. This music is born out of a deep appreciation of the natural world and a life lived amongst the elements. Visceral and virtuosic, Embrace is an album that captures two musicians completely comfortable in each other’s sonic company, welded together by a mutual desire to spread a sense of release and empowerment.

“Dogs of Pleasure is raw, visceral, energised. To me it sounds like a big, life affirming ‘fuck yes’. But it’s also incredibly refined and focused music making that is the result of (perhaps that could only be the result of) years of collaboration between these two extraordinary musicians. I love this album and everything it represents.” – Peter Knight (trumpeter/composer/sound artist)

Dogs of Pleasure are breaking new ground with their unique musical language, blending rock and shred attitudes and a prodigious command of their instruments with an anthemic thunder, all built on the foundation of spontaneity and the thrill of improvisation. Engaging and full-bore, DOP thrive on the energy of live performance, delivering marathon sets of physical and transportive music. Proudly Tasmanian and representing an exciting new sound emerging from the island state, DOP are championing the power and unique perspectives of making music from a wild and distant place.

  • Supporters

    Salamanca Art Centre’s 2022 programs are supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Arts via the RISE Fund.

Presented by PROTEA Impro Inc

Stories about time and stories about place. A double bill of improvised plays from the states leading improvised theatre company.  

Join PROTEA Impro for an evening of Theatre where we present a double bill of MomentUs and Our Place.

Experience a theatrical double bill that will transport you through time and space in an unforgettable journey. “MomentUs” takes you on a whirlwind adventure through the intricacies of human connections, exploring the profound impact of fleeting moments in our lives.

Following “MomentUs,” immerse yourself in “Our Place,” a heartfelt exploration of the spaces we call home and the memories that make them uniquely ours. This evocative play delves into the bonds we form with the places we inhabit, and how they shape our identities and relationships.

Indulge in an evening of powerful storytelling, emotion, and insight as “MomentUs” and “Our Place” come together in this double bill, offering a unique evening of theatre.

General Admission $20
Concession $15

  • Supporters

    Salamanca Art Centre’s 2022 programs are supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Office of the Arts via the RISE Fund.

Presented by ThylaSing

Times and dates:

27 Nov, 2023 (7pm-8.30pm)


Adults: $25

Children/Concession: $20

Rewired: New venue. New lineup. Same awesome a cappella sound!

Rewired: New venue. New lineup. Same awesome a cappella sound!

ThylaSing present an evening of a cappella vocal music, featuring fun, upbeat tunes and stirring ballads – a mix of old favourites and some exciting new repertoire.

Contemporary folk trio The Clementines will be joining us as guest artists for this special concert.

ThylaSing is proudly supported by Salamanca Arts Centre.

Presented by Musical Theatre Crew

Times and dates:

Friday 20 Oct – 7:30pm
Saturday 21 Oct – 3pm
Saturday 21 Oct – 7:30pm
Sunday 22 Oct – 3pm
Thursdat 26 Oct – 3pm
Sat 28 Oct – 3pm
Sat 28 Oct – 7:30pm
Sun 29 Oct – 11am
Sun 29 Oct – 3pm
Friday 3 Nov – 7.30pm
Saturday 4 Nov – 3pm
Saturday 4 Nov- 7.30pm


Adult $35
Concession $29 (child, student, aged, etc)
Family $120 (2 adults & 2 kids, 1 adult & 3 kids)

Embark on a fantastic journey in this fun and heart-warming adventure about Arendelle’s beloved sisters Anna and Elsa, proudly performed by Crew’s Intermediate Performance Ensemble.

Following the death of their parents in a storm, Elsa locks herself behind walls as she faces her destiny to become Queen of Arendelle while concealing her frightening magical powers. Anna feeling shut-out and lonely, unexpectedly finds romance with the dashing Prince Hans. But when Queen Elsa can no longer hide her terrible secret resulting in Arendelle being plunged into an eternal winter, she runs away to hide in the mountains. Anna sets out to try to rescue her sister, recruiting assistance from ice-trader Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, encountering an array of marvellous characters along the way incuding Olaf the snowman, mysterious Forbidden Folk, ever-happy Oaken and family!

Presented by Musical Theatre Crew

Times and dates:

Tue 21 Nov, 6.30pm
Sun 26 Nov, 3pm
Sun 26 Nov, 6pm


Adult $35
Concession $29 (child, student, aged, etc)
Family $120 (2 adults & 2 kids, 1 adult & 3 kids)
Sunrise $29 (All tickets – Early Bird til midnight 3 Oct)

Everyone’s favourite Ogre is back for the happiest ever after fairytale fun in the swamp!

Shrek, leads a bunch of fairytale misfits on an adventure to rescue a princess and get his swamp back. Part romance and part twisted fairy tale, Shrek jr is an irreverently fun show with great messages about being your true self,  acceptance and the importance of friendship.

Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek.  One day, Shrek finds his swamp invaded by banished fairytale misfits who have been cast out of Duloc by Lord Farquaad, a tiny terror with big ambitions. When Shrek sets off with a wisecracking Donkey to confront Farquaad, he’s handed a task – if he rescues feisty princess Fiona from a Dragon-guarded tower so Lord Farquaad can marry her, then Shrek’s swamp will be returned! But all is not as it seems in this fairytale land!

Featuring characterful costumes, fun songs, stellar performances, and a few twists and turns along the way, join us and let your ‘freak flag fly’ at this fun party in the swamp!

Presented by Nellie Ryan


December 8, 2023 – 8pm

She’s a mess and she’s going to tell you about it.

A night of absolute chaos in this new comedy special by Nellie Ryan.

Dedicated to anyone who is unsure if they should settle down, have kids, join Only Fans or create an online sticker business.

Come for the validation and realise there is no one more embarrassingly confused than Nellie. But also, the drinks and laughter!