Salamanca Arts Centre and Tasmanian Art Teacher’s Association (TATA) Initiative 2022.

Salamanca Arts Centre is proud to partner with the Tasmanian Art Teacher’s Association (TATA), to deliver a new Education Initiative that supports Arts as a catalyst for enhanced connection, learning and social transformation. It recognises the need to better support schools with accessible tools to deliver creative educational outcomes that foster imagination and facilitate critical thinking and positive social change.

Salamanca Arts Centre will connect the Education sector to selected exhibitions and participating artists, enabling teachers and students the opportunity to engage with strong dialogue, process and themes.

For the artists involved, it extends their audience reach and provides them with the opportunity to engage with a different context both for the presentation of their work and the level of engagement with their practice.

Arts Education is an area that is evolving significantly and major art institutions around the world are recognising the value of integrating educational resources into their programs, and the positive and lasting impact this has on both the community, the sector and the institution itself.

Calendar of Selected Exhibitions
Friday 8 April- Sunday 26 June 2022 | Acts of Holding Dance by Wendy Yu, Open Sky
Friday 3 June-Sunday 3 July 2022 | (All) Together by Ross Coulter & Meredith Turnbull, SOCIAL
Gallery Hop 11 June 2022 | Visit Salamanca Arts Centre, Bett Gallery and Contemporary Art Tasmania

Artists Talks and Workshop Events throughout 2022.
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Tasmanian Art Teachers Association

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